Why you may want an energy efficient home

The harsh New Jersey Summer heat is already starting to reveal itself, which means the rising energy cost are not far behind. No one enjoys cranking the AC up, knowing full well that the nice cool air is going to cost you. If you know that feeling well, you might want to consider making your home more energy efficient. 

Along with everything else, energy cost have risen this past year, and some quite drastically. Natural gas, which tends to be one of the cheaper utilities, rose a whopping 38.4%! If you’re ready to stop being surprised every month by the higher and higher cost, here are a few ideas that just might save you a few bucks each month.

Smart Thermostats - There a quite a few options on the market now for smart thermostats. These allow you to have much more detailed control over the temperature regulation of your home. There is a fine balance between conserving energy while you are out of the home, and wasting it to crank the air conditioning back up when you’re home. These devices are designed to take away the guessing and make sure your home is cool when and where you need it to be without giant wasteful splurges. 

Air Conditioning Maintenance - We say this every year, but PLEASE get your air conditioning regularly serviced. The best way to make sure your existing units are functioning properly and efficiently, is to give it a cleaning and tune-up before much is expected of it. This will give you the longest life out of it, rather than needing to buy a whole new system. But if it comes to it, make sure to do your research before buying a new one. These units can be expensive, but buying cheap now may cost you in the future. Look for high energy efficiency units that are properly sized for your home. 

Whole-House Fans - These might seem old fashioned, but they can be surprisingly useful at a fraction of the cost of air conditioning. Especially in older homes, the design of roofs and vents allowed for a whole house fan to move warmer air out of the home efficiently. They also do a great job of keeping the air circulating, rather than being stuck with stuffy, often pollen and dust ridden air for weeks on end. 

Proper Insulation - There are so many ways to keep your home insulated properly, from more costly options like installing radiant barriers and insulated windows, to planting trees and installing window treatments. The goal is to keep the warm out and the cool in. Though physical home improvements do an incredible job and add value to your home, sometimes creating shade at the most vulnerable points can do the trick. You’d be surprised just how well blackout curtains can block not only the light from the sun, but also its heat. 

Do you have any tips you recommend for keeping your home cool? We are always looking for new solutions!

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