Which home trends from 2020 are out, and what’s taking their place in 2021?

After spending more time in our homes this year than we ever have before, it’s safe to say that a refresh is due. And with a year like 2020, you probably realized that you have new priorities for your home. Design trends are usually influenced by how modern life has changed. The changes this year definitely brought some new trends we may not have been expecting. Check out our predictions for the looks we expect to see less of, and what we think will take their place.


Image from This Old House by Deborah Baldwin

Open Concept  →  Designated Rooms

One of the trends we saw emerging early in 2020, and even more so during quarantine, is the return of walls… Yes, you read that correctly. WALLS! Such a simple element has long been poo-pooed by buyers, searching for the ever coveted “open-concept” living space. But what happens when a family is crammed together in a home for months on end? Needless to say, tensions can get a little high, no matter how much love there is.  While one family member is on a conference call, another might be learning long division, or another interviewing for a new position – all in one room. Having separation to work in peace has never been more important. This way of living doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon, so many people who would not have been considering a move before are now on the hunt for a home with…you guessed it, walls! But that may not be in the cards for everyone. Check out our latest Tips-and-Tricks post to get some ideas on how to utilize your existing space in a post Covid-19 world.

Image from Better Homes & Gardens by Kim Cornelison

Farmhouse  →  Blended Design Styles

We’ve seen it everywhere: HGTV, our Pinterest boards, HomeGoods…the list goes on. Farmhouse decor has dominated for years, and it looks like its finally on its way out the sliding barn-door. Its issue was inauthenticity. If you’re adding shiplap to a wall in a split-level suburban home, you can only expect it to eventually look out of place. Instead, homeowners are freeing themselves from style architypes and embracing a more versatile and eclectic approach to design which works in any home. The key is composition. You can’t throw all your favorite things together and expect it to work. There are still rules. A well thought out design plan will work with the architecture of the space and bring together the different items you love, blending styles seamlessly. So we aren’t saying you can’t buy the farmhouse inspired light fixture you’ve had your eye on. Just think mix, not mess before you click “add to cart.”

Image from Better Homes & Gardens by Elizabeth Sweet

Cool Neutrals  →  Warm Neutrals

If we had to pick one color that defined the last decade, everyone and their mother would know that the only possible answer is grey. But we may have finally exhausted all 50 shades of it. That’s not to say grey won’t have its place in 2021. We just don’t see it being the go-to neutral for every. single. room anymore. As people are spending more time in their homes, the priorities are shifting. People want to feel safe and comfortable, now more than ever. Hence, the trend is starting to lean warmer. Greige (a nice in-between of grey and beige) will continue to be the popular choice, but white is also having its moment in the sun, especially with white trim. Clean, crisp, inviting, and happy.  We’re even seeing a few colors migrating into the “neutral” territory – colors like pale greens, buttery yellows, and terracotta reds. All in all, homeowners are aiming for a cozier feel and are willing to be brave to get it!


Image from Hunted Interior by Kristin Jackson

Fast Furniture  →  Built to Last

Who doesn’t love a good trip to Ikea? Good prices, plenty of options, zero wait. The opportunities seem endless! But the truth of the matter is, “fast furniture” just isn’t built to last. With the additional use our spaces are getting now that we sleep, eat, work, exercise, etc. all at home, we’re asking a lot more of our furniture. Investing in well-built pieces not only saves you money in the long run, but also the effort and inconvenience of having to replacing them. There are plenty of furniture companies out there building quality pieces. Or another option could be to invest in some well-loved antiques. With the sudden boom in the “grandmillennial” style, heirloom pieces are finding new life in modern homes for a fraction of the price. But the key is to balance with some simple, modern touches. So you don’t have to give up your trips to Ikea, even if they’re just for inspiration.

Image by Joanna Bogacz

Tame  →  Bold

Home has had the important role of our safe havens during this past year. But it’s not human nature to sit still. While spending extended periods of time at home, naturally, everyone was looking for projects. The nerves from being cooped up were encouragement to be adventurous, purposeful, and bold in their choices. So instead of picking a safe neutral, they picked a dark vibrant color. Instead of painting just an accent wall, they painted the whole room. Why pick a virtual background for your zoom call when you can show off a beautiful space that you created! Be it a little scary, it’s not the scariest thing we’ve face this year. So be brave! Now is the perfect time to make your home the home you’ve always dreamed of.

Bottom Line

We hope this list gives you inspiration for making your home more you. There are no absolutes when it comes to personal design. As long as you feel happy, comfortable, safe, and at home, you’ve done a perfect job. But if you are thinking about selling your home this year, give us a call to discuss changes that will make your home more appealing to buyers in 2021. We’d be more than happy to consult!

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