What renovations will up your home’s value in 2024?

Sometimes the perfect home is the home that we perfect ourselves. If you are planning on doing work to your home in the coming year, keep in mind that some building trends are just that - trends. Meanwhile, others are sure to help you build lasting value. We’ve scoured the internet for 2024 home predictions, and these are the ones we see standing the test of time.


Smart Homes

We’ve already moved past smart thermostats and speakers that can also answer our questions. Smart technology is getting more deeply integrated into homes by the day. Controlling all the lights in your home is easier than clapping your hands! We can lock our doors from miles away. These features are only getting more popular and more necessary in today’s world. If you’re doing renovations, you should seriously consider how to make each change a little smarter.

Environmentally Conscious 

One of the great perks of smart tech is that it helps us be more mindful of our impact on the environment without really trying. But take this a step farther in your home renovations by using materials that are also Eco-Conscious. A lot of companies make keeping their carbon footprint small one of their top priorities. A great way to lower the impact to the planet is by simply shopping for locally made products. 


Substance over Style

We all know that the ways we use our homes has drastically changed since the pandemic. A lot of home design focused more on style over substance. Like open kitchen shelving, fast furniture, or open floor plans. These things might look nice, but when it comes to practicality, they miss the mark. That being said, take into consideration how you will be using the spaces you plan to renovate and how you can make their use as efficient as possible. Some popular trends include “appliance garages” in the kitchen to keep counter space clear, investing in quality materials over cheaper, and usually lower quality ones, and probably most shocking of all - the return of walls!

Focus on Outdoor Living

When we were all trapped inside for over a year, we grew to appreciate our outdoor spaces. This trend of treating backyards as an extension of your livable square footage isn’t going anywhere any time soon. We’re seeing a growth in outdoor kitchens, multiple “living spaces” and even gardens for growing your own food. People learned to be a little more self-sufficient, and we’re glad to see that trend is still on the uptick. 

Being a Bit more Bold

This last trend is a little tricky, because it can quickly cross the line from innovative to overdone. But bolder choices are becoming more popular. Once we were all stuck inside our gray on gray on gray on gray homes, we realized that humans aren’t meant to sit in an all gray home all day long. This triggered the go-to neutral to transition to warmer tones. As time has gone on, certain colors have arguably become neutrals, like greens and blues. People who may have never experimented with color before are now painting entire kitchens olive, or their walls, trims, and doors all a pale blue. While these choices might not be for everyone, their appeal is certainly on the rise. So when you’re designing your new spaces, don’t be afraid to try something new!


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