What Level of Staging is Right for You?

Staging can sound like a scary, financially draining task during the already stressful home selling process. But like we try to do with every aspect of the job, we like to make it fun, easy, and accessible. Staging doesn’t have to mean emptying the home, only to fill it back up with new items until it sells. There are a lot more levels before we get to that point. Below, we’ve gone into what options we give our clients when we think staging would be right for them. Some of our clients are still living in their homes and need us to accommodate. Others have moved out and give us a blank slate to work with. Spoiler alert: we always recommend at least some level of staging when listing a home.


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Before we jump in, why is staging so important? It might seem silly to spend money redecorating a home that you are trying to sell, but the proof is in the pudding. The fact of the matter is, taking the time to enhance your homes beauty and functionality to the majority of buyers is going to drive traffic to your home and make you more money at the end of the day. And that can be done on just about any budget with our different levels of staging:

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Level 1: Organizational Staging

It’s pretty much what it sounds like – organizing what already exists in the home. We start by recommending what items need to go. So be prepared to start packing early! Generally, we want as few personal items around as possible. These are things like photos or knickknacks. You don’t want potential buyers to be reminded that someone else currently lives here. You want them to come in and immediately be able to picture themselves at home. Next, we’ll suggest rearrange any existing furniture to maximize the space, accentuate room flow, highlight selling features, and make the space aesthetically pleasing. Remember - less is more!

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Level 2: Partial Staging

Because a lot of our sellers still live at home when listing, this is probably our most popular level. We still encourage everything from level 1 but kick it up a notch! Along with the decluttering and rearranging, we usually select new paint for certain areas, possibly some upgrades of anything too dated, and the addition of furniture or accessories from our inventory. We make sure to find the perfect items to work with your home and belongings. If a home is going to be lived in while on the market, this is going to be the best way to make it salable and livable at the same time.

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Level 3: Vignette Staging

Now we’re starting to get into vacant home territory. This is a very minimal level of staging, where the goal is to add hints of hominess to areas that otherwise might feel a bit cold or sterile. In the kitchen, we might add a counter stand with an open cookbook on display. In the bathroom, maybe a plant or fluffy folded towels. These vignettes give just a little glimpse into what living here may be like.

Images from a past project

Level 4: Virtual Staging:

While nothing beats the real thing, virtual staging can be a great alternative, especially in a post Covid-19 world. A lot of people are limiting the homes they actually go see in person, if they go at all. Photos are being relied on now more than ever. Even though people like to interact with the homes the go see, everyone is hesitant now for safety purposes. Though not ideal, virtual staging allows the buyers to get a sense of the space in a fashion forward way, without needing to necessarily be there.

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Level 5: Full Staging

Buyers, when walking through staged properties, run their hands over the backs of furniture. They sit and gaze around the rooms to imagine themselves living there. They discuss where a flatscreen TV might be located. They can see where their own furniture would fit properly. It’s a great experience. And even with a full stage, you don’t need to fill every room. Focus on the key areas like the living room, dining room, kitchen, master bedroom and bathroom, entry, and backyard. If your budget allows for more, go for it! If not, make sure that the rest of the spaces match what has been staged in upgrades and color scheme. 


Whatever your staging level, the goal is always the same — provide heartwarming, inviting spaces that will propel potential buyers off their sofas and get them into your home (in-person or virtually). We have discovered that the better the staging, the higher the likelihood of success. Give us a call to learn more about what you and your home needs today!

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