Weekend Remodeling Projects

We tend to have more energy in the Summer. If you’re looking to direct that energy into your home, we have plenty of ideas to make your home feel fresh and new. The best part is that these ideas will only take a day or two to complete. These simple DIY updates will take minimal effort with maximum impact!

Update Fixtures and Hardware

The rooms in our homes aren't just blank boxes. Even if we remove all the furniture, we are still left with plenty of items that age just like anything else. Light fixtures, cabinet handles, door knobs, faucets. All of these items highly impact the design of a room. The good news is these items are also very easy to swap out. Changing one or all of them can drastically change a room's appearance. 

Paint Trim and Doors

Painting an entire room can be a daunting task. Not only do you have to select a color, which can take days in and of itself, but there is a lot of prep involved. removing everything from the walls, moving furniture out of the way, filling any holes, and protecting the floor are just some of the tasks you'll need to complete before you can even start. If you're looking to freshen up your space but don't want to commit to the entire walls, try painting just the trim and/or doors. Whether you paint it all the same color as it was or make a change, new paint always makes a room feel like new again.

Update Your Window Treatments

One of the most important features to making a house feel like home is proper window treatments. They should be the perfect balance of form and function. Oftentimes, curtains are installed too low or are too small for the size of the window. Curtain rods should be hung only about 3-6 inches below the ceiling, not directly above the windows. And the curtains should still be pleated, even when drawn to cover the window. Ill fitting window treatments instantly date a room. This quick change will instantly make your windows seem more grand. 

Hide the Cords

Nothing draws the eye faster than a tangled mess of cords. There is a reason that newer furniture offers "cable management" as a luxury feature. Wires are a necessity for so many of our household items, but seeing them should be. There are countless organizational products available if hiding certain wires in your walls isn't a realistic option. We may not be at a point where everything is wireless yet, but we can pretend we are!


Even though Spring cleaning feels like it was just yesterday, most likely, your prestinly organized pantry has already started to fall a little out of place. Instead of waiting until next Spring to tackle this, get to it early. Handling messes before they get out of hand will be a benefit all around. You'll spend less time hunting for things when you need them, less time unpacking new items into their homes, and most importantly, less time cleaning next Spring!


Have you done any easy weekend projects this Summer? Let us know!

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