Ways to save on energy costs this Summer

Looking to save some money this Summer? Who couldn’t use a little extra pocket change to add some extra toppings to their ice cream, or go on one last ride at a carnival, or maybe get a slightly bigger hydrangea bush for the front yard. By making a handful of small changes to save on your energy usage, you’ll be amazed when your electricity bill comes in. Just promise to invite us when you go out for that ice cream!

Maintenance on your AC: The biggest pull of electricity in the Summer comes from cranking AC. And in the heat and humidity we get here in Jersey, we need to! But there are some things you should be doing to make sure it is running as efficiently as possible. 

  • Make sure that the area around the unit is clear of leaves, branches, or any other plants. 

  • Replace the filters inside on a regular basis. 

  • Smart thermostats can help maintain a slightly warmer temperature during the day so you aren’t paying too cool an empty home (be careful if you have pets).  

  • On cooler days, give the AC a rest, and opt for opening the windows and turning on the fans to circulate the air naturally. 

  • Have your system regularly serviced every year to keep it in good working condition. 

Be careful with light: Even the most efficient home can warm up quickly when the sun is beating through the windows. Having proper window treatments like curtains, blinds, or even awnings can help keep harsh light - and heat - out of the home. But you can also take advantage of the extra sun by turning your lights off. Longer days means you can enjoy sunlight later! 

Cook outside: It might be surprising to learn how much cooking heats up our homes, especially when it’s already warmer outside. Your AC has to run even hard to keep the heat out, but also pump out heat from the inside. A simple fix is to cook more outside - as if you needed a reason!

Laundry: Along the same lines as cooking, your washer and dryer also give off heat when they are running. To avoid excessive run on your AC, do laundry early in the morning or late at night when the outside temperature is lower. Take it a step farther and skip the dryer all together. Hang laundry outside to dry on nice days. Just be sure to check the weather!

Spend less time at home: That’s right, it might be good for your wallet to spend less time at home! Even relaxing out in the back yard can save some money on your energy bills. It might seem obvious, but we wanted to make sure you all knew that you should be spending your Summer enjoying the outdoors as much as possible!  


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