Ways to help others this holiday

The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear. The second best way is through giving! Whether it’s a day of volunteering, or just some home baked cookies for the neighbors, there are countless ways of doing things for others this holiday season. If we all did just one thing on this list, we’d be making quite the impact together!

Donate to our Toys-for-Tots collection 

We are still accepting donations for our Toys-for-Tots collection! All the toys go to kids who otherwise would not be able to open any presents during the holidays. Each year, we try to surpass our previous haul, and every year, you help us do exactly that. For each donation you make, we match it! If you want to make a donation, we accept them at our office, or we can pick them up if you need. We can also take cash/check/venmo to purchase the toys on your behalf. We couldn’t be more grateful for all your help!


Take a tag from a giving tree

We aren’t the only ones collecting donations. Many businesses, community organizations, churches, and so on, have set up giving trees. You’ve surely seen a few already this year. The trees are covered in tags which list a person and the item they requested. Simply take a tag, get them the gift, wrap it, and deliver it back to the tree! It’s a simple way to do a something generous for someone in your community.


Remember your neighbors.

You don’t have to travel far to do a little good. If you’re talented in the kitchen or have a crafty side, making something for your neighbors is a great way to bring the community together. If you know of someone who might need a little more, consider inviting them to your holiday celebration, or stopping by their house with some leftovers. You never know who around you might be struggling. Doing a kind thing might not solve all their problems, but will definitely make them feel like they aren’t alone.


Give gifts that do good

A perfect gift for anyone is to donate to a cause they support. There are countless options out there. Some of our favorites are World Wildlife Foundation, Heifer International, St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, 11th Hour Rescue, and Pitties and Pals. Some of these organizations even send a physical gift to the person in addition to the donation in their name. Be sure to do your research before making a donation!


Thrift gifts

While it might be easier to do all your holiday shopping on Amazon, thrifting gifts is a great way to do a little extra good while gifting. Not only does the money you spend on your gift go back into the community, but it also helps reduce the excessive amounts of waste we produce. Think creatively and you can make something old into an incredibly meaningful gift.


Visit a nursing home or hospital

There’s nothing worse than spending the holidays alone. Unfortunately, that’s the case for a lot of patients at nursing homes and hospitals. Whether you know them or not, taking some time out of your day to spread a little holiday cheer can make someone feel a little less alone. Depending on the facilities regulations, bring small gifts or treats to share with as many people as you can. It will surely make this a holiday they won’t forget.


Helo your local food bank

Food banks are always busy this time of year. They help supply not only families’ normal food necessities, but also enough to make the holidays special. And there are more ways to help than just donating canned goods. Food banks are masters of getting the most bang for their buck. Sometimes, donating money to these organizations is more helpful, as they can purchase fresh whole foods with more nutritional value. They often also need volunteers to help keep organized, and make deliveries. Reach out to your local food bank to see what they need most.


Bring necessities to the unhoused and those in shelters

While gifts are great, necessities are often neglected in donations this time of year. Warm clothes, toiletries, etc. You can reach out to local shelters and find out what items they are in need of, or see if they need volunteers within the facility. You can also make some care packages to hand them out directly to unhoused people in your community.


Help out at an animal shelter

They may not know what day it is, but animals deserve just as much love on the holidays as people do! If they’re showered with love and presents any day, it feels like Christmas. This can also help take the load off of the regular shelter workers so they have a little extra time to spend with their own families. Good things all around!


It’s also important to note that after the holidays, a lot of animals get released to shelters. People get pets while not being fully aware of the commitment to this living thing. When they realize they aren’t up for it, they send the animals to a shelter. These animals often have done nothing wrong and are scared and confused as to why their new family abandoned them. This is a great time to volunteer your time to these animals. They need attention and love, especially if they want to be adopted! And they all deserve that!


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