The Most Surprising Home Trends of 2021

We know that the past two years have brought along with them some of the most unforeseen trends in the real estate market. And if we’ve learned anything, it is to expect the unexpected. No one was predicting the need for closed off spaces in 2019 when open concept was all the rage. But 2020 struck with more changes than can be counted. In the spirit of reflection, we put together a list of the most surprising home/market trends of the past year. 

Color - After years and years of the black, white, and grey designs of the Joanna Gains’ of the world, bold color has finally found its place. In 2020, we painted out walls. In 2021, we painted EVERYTHING else. Nothing was off limits, cabinets, doors, ceilings, furniture, the list goes on and on. We needed more optimism in our lives, and color has a way of lifting our moods. We’re hoping that the embrace of color stays in the spotlight and isn’t just a one hit wonder.

Closed spaces - Open concept, open concept, open concept. You couldn’t watch a single design show for the past 20 years without hearing those words. But that trend has finally started to see a decline. When trapped with your loved ones, sometimes all you want is to slam a door and enjoy some privacy. In order to do that, you need walls. So opposed to a grand space that functions as living/dining/kitchen, having designated spaces are officially back!

Elevated Trim - Minimalism, inspired by the rise of Scandinavian and Modern styles left walls pretty bare when it came to trim. But this year we’ve seen more and more homeowners and professional builders up their game when it came to wood details. We probably aren’t going to see 12” crown become the norm any time soon, but paying attention to the impact a little bit of detail can do when it comes to window and door casings, baseboard, crown, chair rail and picture rail, and even coffered ceilings, trim can really elevate the design of your home.

Vintage and Traditional Decor - When shipping delays and cancelations swept the nation, people had to turn somewhere else for their home’s needs. What better place to look for new furniture and accessories than your favorite place to shop for second hand goods. We can all admit that most things aren’t built like they used to be. Old furniture is still in circulation because it was made to last. Design has started to embrace hand-me-downs and vintage finds, blending them with more modern decor for a perfect balance of old and new. 

Light Wood - Dark woods were and definitely still are popular choices, but it’s been a while since we’ve seen so much blond and natural wood on the market. There is such a bright and cheerful vibe to these beachy tones that make our homes feel like more of a vacation spot than a prison.  

Natural Elements - Speaking of wood, natural elements of every kind are being brought indoors a lot lately. We’re seeing a rise in rattan, burlwood, and excessive amounts of house plants. Millennials were accused of replacing children with their pets. Well, Get Z is doing the same with their plants. Have to admit, the incorporation of natural elements, especially living ones add a lot of life to a space as well.

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