The emotions of buying a home

Buyers have to go through a lot of ups and downs in today’s market. From house hunting through to closing, it can be a crazy roller coaster ride. Whether you are a buyer or a seller, it can be helpful to understand the emotions buyers go through during the process. We’ve mapped out what buyers are feeling for you to check out!


  1. House Hunting - We all house hunt, even if we’re not in the market. We scroll through Zillow or check out an open house. It seems like the most fun thing in the world. And early on, it can be. Buyers are hopeful. Sometimes their eyes are a little bigger than their stomach. Oftentimes, their decisions are made about a home, purely off the emotions they feel upon walking through the front door. If they aren’t lucky enough to find “the one” early on, that hope can turn to skepticism. In the worst cases, it can become anger and disappointment. This is a difficult market for buyers.  

  2. Putting in an Offer - Similarly to the hunting phase, buyers might be hopeful or skeptical, but the waiting period is agony either way. A potential future is on the line for them. They may have their hearts set on a home. They may have faced rejection already. The tension is high. 

  3. Offer Accepted - What a relief! The process has barely started, but the biggest hurdle has been cleared. The anxiety and worry will settle in shortly, but for a moment, there is nothing but excitement for the buyer!

  4. Home Inspection - And the stress is back. Buyers can be as prepared as possible, but you never know what inspections might bring to light. Those worries start to mount when they think about all the things that could be wrong, how much these things might cost, what the seller will consider fixing, and will this stop the sale from happening, sending them back to the house hunting stage. Being overwhelmed is an understatement.

  5. Mortgage Commitment - Once they’ve negotiated everything that was discovered in the home inspection period, it mainly feels like a waiting game. Paper work will be shuffled around between the mortgage provider, lawyers, and title. The waiting can be stressful, as can the worry that certain documents might be delayed or missing. A lot of this phase is out of the buyers’ hands. And no one likes feeling out of control. 

  6. Closing Day - Finally!!!! Look up the synonyms for “excitement” and all those words will apply to buyers on this day! All their dreams have finally come true!

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