The Colors of 2022!

With a new year comes more new trends than we can possibly keep track of - one of the most anticipated being Pantone’s Color of the Year! For 2022, they have selected the vibrant and playful Very Peri. However, most other big name paint companies have selected much calmer, almost pastel colors as their choices for 2022. So, what does this mean in terms of home trends? I’m here to help you understand how you can incorporate these kinds of colors in your home, whether you’re looking to sell or stay put, while being perfectly on trend!

(Images below are examples, not exact colors mentioned above)


Let’s start with the leader of the pack. Pantone’s Very Peri, is easily the most adventurous of this year's shout out colors. Pantone’s Color of the Year is always a big influencer in marketing and fashion, but a color this brave can be tough to incorporate seamlessly with existing home decor. I wouldn’t tell just anyone to go ahead and paint their walls this intense of a color and expect them to be happy. But if the color speaks to you, there are so many ways to weave it into your home design. Of course, florals work perfectly in this shade. If you’re feeling a little more daring, go for a bold solid pillow, window treatment, or even a chair! Throw the color in a few places to make it blend more easily. For those of you who are ready, pairing it with other vibrant colors will create a dynamic design!


From the color palette above, we can see that dusty blues and greens are very popular right now across the board. As the trend continues to move away from cool greys, warmer and slightly more playful colors are taking their place. Colors like this make it very easy to put color where we may not have thought to before. For example, the thought of colored kitchen cabinets may have seemed dated only 10 years ago. But now, a pale green kitchen or a monochromatic blue bedroom is perfectly in style. If Very Peri is too much for you, these colors should be your best introduction to the world of color.


If these past two years have taught us anything, it’s that home needs to be comforting. We have spent a lot of time locked up, and who knows if and when it will happen again. If so, we want to feel at home when we’re at home. This is a big reason that warmer neutrals are starting to take the driver's seat again. Being cooped up for long periods of time can be hard in a well designed but cold room. Browns and tans might not be fore everyone, but linen instead of white, or taupe instead of grey, are good places to start. Remember that we aren’t only referring to paint either. Items like wood and leather have a warmer effect than glass and metal. Think outside the box!


If you aren’t sure which of these colors to pick or if any of them are really meant for you, we are offering complimentary color consultations for the month of January to get your 2022 off to a fresh start! Reach out to our Color Expert, Lauren at [email protected] today to set up your appointment!

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