Summer in January

We've all heard of Christmas in July. But we are instituting Summer in January! Nothing makes the Winter blues go away like denial, right? Right! So we've put together a list of great ways to wait out the days in Summertime bliss! You'll hardly even notice the freezing temps (not guaranteed).

Homemade Ice Cream - During the next snow storm, take advantage of the free ice and cold! There are plenty of recipes for homemade ice cream or snow cones. But this is a fun one to try. Pretend it's 80 degrees, and this ice cream will really hit the spot. 

Spa Day - Missing the humidity? Head on over to your local spa and try out their sauna. Or better yet, try out the pure luxury at Sojo spa in Edgewater. Open all year round with multiple indoor and outdoor pools, even in Winter, you can take a refreshing dip.

Indoor amusement parks - In Summer, there is a carnival almost every weekend. Not to mention the boardwalks all down our state's shore with plenty of rides and games. Luckily, there are more and more indoor amusement/water parks opening up all over. Funplex is right around the corner in East Hanover, or go even bigger by hitting up Nickelodeon Universe Theme Park at American Dream!

Botanical Gardens - If you're longing for the greenery of Summer, one of our favorite activities is exploring the botanical gardens. The green houses are warm and bright, making it feel just like Summer. It might even put you in the mood to walk around and explore the Winter landscapes. They might not be green, but they are just as beautiful!

Aquarium - Our aquatic friends don't take a break in Winter. They still spend all their time swimming and romping around in the water. If you're missing the beach, go visit them at the aquarium! They can be mesmerizing.....maybe enough to convince you it really is Summer? 

Hot Bath - If all else fails, run yourself a hot bath, pour a cold drink, and pretend you're relaxing in the clear blue Caribbean waters on a hot sunny day!

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