Stylish Storage

Before the Winter creeps its way back into our lives, now is the time to get ourselves organized, while still fueled by the Summer sun! But getting organized, especially for families, can quickly mean filling the house with not so appealing storage solutions. As firm believers that home life can be beautiful and functional, we’ve put together some recommendations for stylish storage for better use of your space all around the home!

1. Kitchen: It’s time to stock your pantry up before hibernation begins! But filling a pantry to the brim can quickly lead to all those items toppling over and spilling all across the floor. Instead, we suggest some visually appealing and easily accessible pantry organization. Bins with appropriate labels may be time consuming to make, find, fill, and organize, but the end product will be worth it. You’ll be happy you put in the work when you have a sudden urge to jump on the sourdough bandwagon this Winter and all the ingredients you need are at your fingertips! 

2. Closet: Our winter wardrobes are filled with staples like bulky sweaters, scarves, hats, boots - all things that tend to take up more space than our light and airy Summer ensembles. However, these items can be beautiful when displayed. If you find that your closet is in need of some help, storage solutions like those you’d find at Ikea or The Container Store, with open shelving can be a fun way to show off your warmer gear while also keeping organized. When things are in the open, you’re more inspired to keep the clutter to a minimum and make sure things feel showcased.

3. Baskets: A classic way to stylishly hide clutter in plain sight! Baskets come in so many styles, shapes and sizes, that there will always be a perfect fit for each need. Put a large on in the bedroom to hold spare blankets and pillows. In the livingroom, a smaller one with a lid can hide cumbersome wires that haven’t been used in years. Next time you have a frustrating storage problem in your home, there is most likely a basket that can solve it.

4. Furniture: A simple solution that often goes overlooked is the storage potential for furniture. People often purchase furniture on two main factors, style and comfort. Practicality isn’t always the driving force, but it should be! If you are a family that loves to entertain with elaborate dinners, you will most likely need a serving buffet that can store that linens and fine china you love to use, rather than a small sleek one with only two drawers. Being aware of your needs means you will have an easier time finding the right pieces for your lifestyle.  


Do you have any stylish storage solutions that you love? Please reach out and share them! We are always looking for new inspiration!

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