Spring Forward into Summer Colors

Everything born this Spring has finally hit its stride, bursting with color and coming to life.  The trees are greener, the sky is bluer, the flowers are brighter.  But why wait until you’re outside to enjoy the pumped-up versions of these Spring pastels?  It’s time to muster up the courage and bring those colors (the ones you’d love on a beach towel) into your home décor! Yes, vibrant color can be scary.  A lot changes when you go from robin’s egg blue to cobalt, or peach to tangerine.  Summer colors inherently have more energy, which is exactly what we all want for those long Summer days! Don’t miss the opportunity to bring a little extra happiness to your home.  Here are a few tips to make the bold a little less intimidating. 


Image by All Star Home

If you’re nervous about over doing it with the color, start small.  Swap out your wall art, find an interesting vase or two, try a fun patterned panel on the windows.  You don’t have to go out and buy a bright orange sofa to enjoy the summer (but if you’re up for that, more power to you!).  If you notice you’re loving the new changes and want to kick it up a notch, do something a little more drastic like investing in a multi-colored rug or even splashing some bold paint up on the walls!

 Image by Jessica Brigham

Don’t be afraid to mix multiple statement colors in one space.  You don’t even have to keep to just one side of the color wheel.  Choosing opposite colors increases the energy level of a room.  And yes, you can pair red and green together without it feeling like a Christmas in July party.  Just make sure the shades are saturated and coordinate well with the other pieces in the room. You’d be surprised how much a color can change based on what’s around it. Practice makes perfect, so start experimenting!

 Image by Serena and Lily

And don’t forget that not all Summer colors have to be bright and warm.  Pastels still have their place in the warmer season.  Sometimes after a long day of hiking, swimming and chasing ice cream trucks, all we want is to come inside to the air-conditioning and cool off.  There’s something refreshing about a crisp white, or calming seafoam green.  And the best thing about lighter colors is that you can easily treat them like neutrals.  If you’re feeling daring on Tuesday and want to give those new indoor/outdoor pillows a run inside, they’ll easily coordinate.  But if by Sunday you want to calm things down again, your room will still feel like a relaxing coastal retreat. 

Image by FTD Flowers

If nothing else, treat yourself to some fresh flowers.  They’re a fun way to get a pop of color without committing to anything long term.  Plus, they make you feel good!  That’s scientifically proven…check out last month’s article to learn all about plants with benefits!

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