Spring cleaning for more than just your home

Why is it that Spring is the season for deep cleaning? Supposedly it originated to remove the dust build up over the Winter from the wood burning fireplaces and closed doors and windows. Though most of us aren’t heating our homes the old fashioned way, we still need to free ourselves from being weighed down by Winter, in more ways than one. Winter takes a toll on our homes and ourselves. So we have put together a list of things you should be doing this Spring cleaning season.

Regular Spring cleaning - Whether its because you've been heating your home by a fireplaces or not, a good deep cleaning is very important. Check out our comprehensive spring cleaning list here for everything you could possibly think of!

Manicure your landscaping - Preparing your yard or garden for its more used months can greatly aid in its maintenance later on. Once things start growing out of control (pun intended), they can be hard to get back to normal. Make sure that your plants have a good foundation to grow to their fullest (clean surroundings and fresh mulch) and that your entertainment spaces are accessible and safe. Ideally a visually appealing landscape will make your use of the outdoors all the more enjoyable.

Clean up your to-do list - We all have unfinished projects piling up that end up draining money, time, and space. Be proactive and make straight forward timelines for each project so you can start removing them from your to-do list. 

Clean eating - Help your body get energized and ready for Summer by fueling it with healthy foods. A cleaner diet will make you feel better and get you moving. Who doesn’t want that when swim-suit season is right around the corner!

Clean up your habits - We all get a little down in the winter months being stuck indoors with no sunlight. It’s the perfect breeding ground for bad habits to form. Take account of any you’ve picked up recently and do your best to erase them. This can take time, so remember to be patient and honest with yourself. But the warmer weather and longer days should help brighten your mood, which makes everything easier!

Do you have any Spring cleaning musts? We’d love to hear them. Reach out today and let us know what yours are!

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