Pumpkin Carving Tips!

Fun for all ages, pumpkin carving is a staple of October festivities! We put together some of our best tips for having your carving come out like a pro’s. We even included a few downloadable/printable stencils at the bottom to use for your carving this year! We’d love to see what you come up with!

Prepare for a mess -

Whether your'e a child or a full blown adult, it’s impossible to carve a pumpkin with out making a mess. The best thing you can do is set yourself up for as easy of a cleanup as possible. Put down a table cloth or even newspapers to protect your work surface. Have towels handy to wipe up any accidental spills or clean off your carving utensils. Wear gloves to keep your hands clean (make sure they fit properly to constantly have control over your carving utensils). Have bowls or bags near by for easy disposal of pumpkin goop (or a tray to save the seeds on to bake them as a snack later). And most importantly, be sure to have a first aid kit at the ready in case of any cuts!

Be purposeful when cutting the top - 

When cutting the top out of your pumpkin, obviously you’ll need a large enough hole to fit your hand through so you can remove all the innards. But you will also want to make sure to make your cut at enough of an angle for the top to be able to sit without falling through the pumpkin later. Leave the pumpkin top on while cutting to help your pumpkin maintain its shape!

Use your pumpkin as inspiration - 

What people deem a “perfect pumpkin” ranges wildly from person to person. But sometimes the shape of the pumpkin can spark inspiration for what to carve this year. If you find a pumpkin with a large flat side, it could be perfect for an intricate detailed design. If you find one with interesting color patterns, you can incorporate that into your design. If you find a perfectly round pumpkin, it could make a perfect Death Star. The options are limitless!

Plan your cuts carefully - 

There’s nothing worse than working incredibly hard on your pumpkin carving to make one mistake and the entire carving falls through the pumpkin. The more intricate your design, the easier it is to mess it up. As soon as you add shaving and not just cuts, you need to be make sure the structural integrity of the pumpkin can handle what you do to it. Either use a stencil to poke guidline holes into the pumpkin, sketch out your plans directly on the pumpkin or even write out steps to follow. Planning is key!

Carve all in one sitting - 

Be sure to dedicate enough time to start and finish your carving in one sitting. It you leave your pumpkin for even a few hours mid-carve, you risk the pumpkin getting too soft to carve as well as before. Keep a spray bottle near by to mist your pumpkin every so often to keep it as fresh as possible during your carving.

Keep it fresh in the fridge - 

If you carve your pumpkin a few days before Halloween, but want to make sure it is in prime condition for your Trick-or Treaters to appreciate, you’ll need to help it stay fresh. Pumpkins, even in colder climates, run the risk of getting destroyed outside, whether it be by weather or animals looking for a snack. Keep your pumpkin in the fridge if you want to make it last for a few extra days!

And don't forget tea lights to light them up!

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