Preparing for Winter Already???

I know, I know… Summer JUST started! The last thing any of us wants is to think about Winter. But the sad truth is, right now is the best time to be preparing for the colder months ahead. The ground will be frozen, our roofs will be covered in snow, and being outside is the last thing you want to put on your to-do list. Though a bit of an annoyance, sparing a few Summer hours to prep for Winter will make you very happy come November.

First and foremost, make sure you’ll have a reliable heat source when you need it. If your home uses gas, electric, or a wood burning oven to heat your home, check on their current state. Was everything in working order the last time you used it? If not, figure out the next steps you need to take to guarantee you will be warm by Winter. That may mean scheduling a technician to come service your furnace before they start to book up in the fall. Or it may mean a full rebuild of a brick chimney. No matter what, you are sure to have an easier time handling these issues early on, rather than waiting until the last minute like everyone else.

Similarly, you want to make sure your home is weather proof. Winter weather is tricky. We might get a snow storm one day, bright sun another, just to drop back to below freezing later that night. With all these twists and turns, our homes can take a beating. If moisture finds its way in, the constant freezing and unfreezing will take its toll. To make sure your home will be safe, take a stroll around the exterior of your home. Do you see any areas where water might get in? What about on the roof? If there are any vulnerabilities, make those repairs while it’s warm out. No one wants to be out on a roof in the middle on January.

With all these tasks complete, you’ll hopefully have time to enjoy your home this Summer. But don’t forget to take care of the parts of your home you only get to enjoy in the warmer months! Hardscaping maintenance is crucial to preserving your outdoor spaces for years to come, even through the roughest Winters. Pavers, concrete, and asphalt can see serious damage from the cold. While not all damage can be prevented, there are definitely steps you can take to give them a fighting chance. This would be things like filling any cracks, applying new sand between pavers, or sealing your driveway. Your backyard will be very happy you did!

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