Pool Party!

It’s only June, and we’ve already seen multiple 90 degree days. It’s time to cool down! A nice relaxing dip in a pool is one of our favorite ways to beat the Summer heat. So grab your water wings and listen up for some of our favorite ways to enjoy a swim!

If you are lucky enough to own a pool, firstly, know that we are incredibly jealous. Secondly, we’re sure you know all the work that goes into their care. Whether you have a gunite pool, liner pool, or above ground pool, they all come with a very long to-do list. If you ask us, these pools are the best when they are owned by someone else. That way you can enjoy the swimming and poolside tanning with none of the responsibilities. We do however recommend bringing along your world famous BBQ ribs as payment!

If you still want the privacy of a private pool, but can’t put one in your own yard, there are plenty of blow up pool options these days that can really hit the spot on a hot day. Whether you want a small pool to lounge in or a larger one to play with the whole family, there is something on the market for you!

If you’re more into the social side of a fun pool day, joining a community pool or pool club might be the choice for you! Not only are you free of the cleaning or maintenance, many offer additional programs like water aerobics classes, children’s swim lessons, or neighborhood parties. You’ll never be bored!

If all else fails, there’s always lakes! NJ is very blessed with its ample amount of lakes. Yes, we have Lake Hopatcong, the largest lake in NJ right around the corner, but we have plenty more smaller ones scattered throughout the state. You don’t need to drive down the shore for a good beach day (although we’re always a fan). Lakes offer plenty of fun activities like swimming, tanning, boating, jet skiing, and so much more!

How do you like to spend your hot days? Do you have a pool? Can we come over?

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