Plants with Benefits

Once Spring rolls around, we see people surging to their local nurseries, eager to fill their gardens and homes with the prettiest plants they can find. But there is so much more to plants than just their beauty. Before your next splurge at the garden center, check out some of these benefits your selections could bring. We’ve even included some popular choices for each benefit. Happy planting!

Help the Birds…

Maybe you want to hear their chips in the mornings, or watch them on a lazy afternoon, or just be helping the local environment by stimulating the ecosystem – having bird friendly plants is a great choice! Birds are a very important part of our ecosystem, so making sure they have homes and food is as beneficial to us as is it to them. Flowering plants are a big favorite amongst birds, for their nectar and their seeds. Some of our favorites are Coneflowers, Sunflowers, and Honeysuckles!

…and the Bees

Do you remember a few years ago when the world was up in arms because bees were disappearing? It was a scary time as bees are absolutely critical to our ecosystem, especially for a lot of the foods we eat, not just honey! Though the bees aren’t in as much danger as they were a short while ago, they can still use all the help they can get! Some of their (and our) favorites are Foxgloves, Chives, and Lilacs!

Eat Cleaner…

Fresh is always better when it comes to our food. There are more vitamins, and usually far more flavor. Growing some or all of your food yourself is a great way to get those benefits, while also saving some money! Some easy beginner veggies you might like to try are Tomatoes, Cucumbers, and Lettuce!

…with more flavor

You know what else is surprisingly easy, saves money, and makes your meals extra delicious? Growing your own herbs! One of the biggest perks is that a little bit of space goes a very long way. There are even indoor planters made to live on your kitchen counter for easy access while cooking. Try Basil, Lemon Grass, or Dill to start!

Reduce Noise…

Maybe your property is near a major road or a popular park. Maybe you just want a little extra privacy but want to keep an organic feel. There are loads of options for you if these are your goals. Foliage can be a great sound barrier, but it’s important to note that you want as “solid” of a wall as possible. This means either trees with full branches that come all the way to the ground, or layers of plants that together create the barrier. For this we love Arborvitaes, Holly, and Lamb Ears for the ground coverage!

…and Stay Zen

It’s no secret that plants can help keep us calm. Their beauty is mesmerizing. But we can also improve our sleep, anxieties, and even lower our blood pressure! Some of these include Jasmine, Lavender, and Chamomile!

Get Exercise…

Gardening is actually a very physical hobby. It’s been proven that older people who take a more active roll in the life of their garden have improved dexterity, strength and endurance that people their age who don’t. To make the most of your time, select some needier plants, or have sections of your garden that need replanting every season. Some of our suggestions would be Roses, Melons, or Geraniums)!

…and Gain Focus

Did you know that certain plants can have effects on your brain, even without ingesting them? Don’t worry, we aren’t talking about anything intense here. Some of your favorite everyday plants might be benefitting you already! Rosemary is very helpful with alertness and long term memory. Orchids vibrant colors give off positive energy which helps with confidence. Even Spider plants can help your brain because they are simple to care for, causing a boost of self confidence!

Fresh Scents…

The part of the brain that makes sense of scent is also our strongest link to our memories, mood and emotions. So smelling a flower can instantly bring you back to the memory of playing in your grandparents’ garden and trigger pure joy. While scent preference is different for everyone, some of our favorites are Eucalyptus, Gardenia, and Mint!

…that Clean the Air

We all know that plants clean our air. Having plenty around, both inside and out, do wonders for our air quality and health. And some plants are better at removing toxins from the air than others. Some of the most successful are Bamboo, Ivy, and Peace Lilies!

When you’re selecting the plants that are right for your needs, be sure to make sure that you and your environment are right for them as well. Prepare yourself to take care of them properly and give them the longest happiest life they can. After all, they’re doing a whole lot for you too!

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