Our Comprehensive Spring Cleaning List

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We know that Spring cleaning is a big to-do. So we wanted to take at least one thing off the list for you: making the actual list! We’ve put together the most comprehensive Spring cleaning list we’ve ever seen, complete with just about everything your home could be in need of. From the nitty-gritty of scrubbing the bathtub, to some of the less obvious tasks like replacing the batteries in your remotes. It’s such a long list, that we wanted to share our absolute musts to get you started and in the cleaning mood (if that even exists). Check them out below!


Donna’s Musts:

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1. Make sure your doors and gates are in working order

Donna has some insightful tips some people might miss because she is trained to look at homes a little differently than the rest of us. Of course, security is the main concern when it comes to properly functioning points of entry (keeping intruders out, and adventurous pets in). But there is another reason that this should be at the top of your list as well! Convenience!!! For Donna, that need stems from accessing homes that are on the market to show to clients. For the rest of us, we want to make sure that anyone and everyone we invite to our home have the easiest time entering, be it guest, hired help, or even just ourselves.

2. Pressure wash the house, walkways + deck

Like you may have seen in last months newsletter, curb appeal isn’t just for those of us listing out homes. There’s nothing better than coming home from a long day of work to a smiling home, your sanctuary. Even if you have the most meticulous landscaping, one thing we often forget is to give the house itself a wash. Grab a power washer (you can even rent one) and go to town on every surface that can take it. Your siding, the walkway, the driveway, the deck, the patio… You’ll be surprised by the change in appearance.

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3. Prune plants + mulch the area

This one might seem like its better for the professionals to take care of, but anyone can turn their thumb green with the right amount of research and effort. Go online, stop at your local nursery, or even ask a neighbor who has a particularly well-kept yard. Learn about your plants, and know when to prune (if at all) to set them up for the warmer spring months. Mulch is an important step in retaining moisture when the temperatures rise without a rain storm for too long. Plus it’s a beautiful finishing touch to make your yard look like you did call a professional.

Rebecca’s Musts:

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1. Don’t forget to clean the tops of things

As a tall human, Rebecca has the benefit of seeing a lot of surfaces shorter people may not notice. But there are some places that even she can’t see! From an early age, she was taught to never forget about the sneaky place that dust likes to live undisturbed. That might be the top of a bookshelf, fan blades, or even a door! The less dust in the room means the less dust in the air to trigger allergies. So look around with your tall person goggles on and think “what have I not cleaned the top of on a while?” 

2. Clean the dryer vent + lint trap

THIS. IS. A. MUST!!!! Of course, we should all be in the habit of cleaning the lint trap in our dryers every time we take a load of laundry out. But some lint will always make its way through. Those bits get through and sit in the dryer vent. All the hot air mixing with built up lint can cause a fire! Rebecca is begging you to PLEASE clean out your dryer vent. Know the difference between the trap and the vent, care for both, and keep your home and family safe.

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3. Sanitize doorknobs + light switches

One of Rebecca’s best cleaning habits is to never say the job is done until all the doorknobs and light switches have been sanitized. When the more tedious tasks are completed, she doesn’t put the cleaning equipment away until she takes the five minutes to walk around the house and wipe down these small, constantly touched surfaces. This is a habit we should all add to our repertoire.

Lauren’s Musts:

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1. Know how to care for your furniture

Having a background in furniture, knowing how to properly take care of your furniture is an absolute must for Lauren. Unfortunately, most people don’t realize that most of our furniture needs regular maintenance to stay in its best shape, let alone know how to do that. Did you know that the best way to fluff pillows is to beat the living daylights out of them? The rougher you are, the better. Did you know that furniture polish can actually damage the finish? All you really need to clean casegood pieces is a damp, soft, white rag and a mild dish soap. Always check maintenance guides on your furniture when you purchase it. And if there is a protection plan available, GET IT! Protect your investments because they are part of your home!

2. Have A/C units cleaned + serviced

You can trust Lauren speaks from experience when she says it’s absolutely CRITICAL to get you’re A/C units cleaned before you need to use them. The last thing you need is for something to go wrong on a 101 degree day and the service company is booked out three weeks. Be sure to ask the technician how to best care for all parts of the system to give it its longest life and keep you cool all summer long.

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3. Wipe down walls

The need for this one is a little higher on Lauren’s priorities than most, because of her dog, Nani. She’s known for being covered in slobber 99% of the time. When she does a big shake (or even a little wiggle), that slobber will inevitably land on the walls. While you may not have this problem, the walls need to be dusted and sometimes spot cleaned, just like any other surface in the home. We recommend a durable paint to make cleaning easy with a soft, damp cloth or dust a duster. If all else fails, you have the perfect excuse to re-paint and refresh your space!

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