Morristown Restaurant Week

The question of “what should we have for dinner tonight” will never be more difficult than it will be next week. Morristown’s Restaurant Week, sponsored by the Morristown Partnership is right around the corner, Monday, April 15th - Friday, April 19th. There will be over 35 restaurants and businesses participating this year, which means more food than you’ll be able to eat in just one week. If you need help narrowing down your excursions, here are some of our favorites (in no particular order).

Donna’s Favorites:

1776 by David Burke - Our usual go to for our team Holiday Dinner! It’s a great spot to splurge on some delicious food in an upscale and colorful atmosphere. We always start with the Clothesline Bacon and some sushi, but Donna’s favorite (and Lauren’s too) is the Wild Mushroom & Bison Short Rib Cavatelli. Then for dessert, the Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Sliders. Trust us, you won’t leave hungry if you do it right. 

1776 by DB Bacon

Enjou Chocolat - If you are ever in need of delicious gifts for any occasion, we promise you’ll find the perfect thing there. Need something for a photographer? How about a chocolate camera? Need something for a country music lover? How bout a chocolate cowboy boot. We really mean they have EVERYTHING. But you can also stop in for a treat without an occasion like Donna does when she wants some dark chocolate covered apricots and pineapple. 

Truffle Collection

Town Bar + Kitchen - Ask Donna who has the best burger, and she will instantly tell you “Town!” Their Town Burger is, simply put, perfect. But that’s not all they have to offer. The Cacio e Pepe Fiocchi is like a grown up mac and cheese, always a favorite of Donna’s. And though this has little to do with the restaurant itself, parking is usually very easy to find nearby!


Erin’s Favorites:

Chef Fredy's Table - Of course the food is delicious, the environment is warm and inviting, and they host cooking classes. But the main reason they made Erin’s list is because Chef Fredy’s truly represents what it means to be a neighborhood favorite. During the pandemic, when many restaurants were struggling to stay open, Chef Fredy was working hard, not only to keep his staff employed, but to raise money and collect food for those who really needed it. At a time when people needed to come together (while social distancing of course) Chef Fredy did it right!

South + Pine American Eatery - Since the menu changes all the time, it’s impossible to have a favorite dish here. But Erin’s favorite thing is how cutting edge the menu always is. Depending on the season, and what’s in season, you can always try something new. Not to mention it’s the perfect spot if you’re planning to see a show at MPAC which is right next door! 


Stirling Tavern - We all agree on this one. But it holds a special place in Erin’s heart. Not just for the fried pickles, great salads, and buttermilk fried chicken. Their upstairs event space was the perfect location for our Welcome Party in her honor! It’s hard to say if Erin or the hors d'oeuvres were a bigger hit!

Lauren’s Favorites:

Effin Egg - For a person who doesn’t really like eggs, it’s surprising Lauren put this on her favorite’s list. But nothing beats an easy yet ridiculously delicious lunch. Though it’s a chain, our Morristown location is lucky enough to serve a Taylor Ham, egg, and cheese sammie to make Jersey proud. If you a little extra hungry, add some dressed up tots to the order, or some snackable waffles… no one said it would be a healthy lunch.


South Street Creamery - On a particularly hot day (or any day really), the team might be craving a sweet treat. And when that happens, we’ll make the quick trip over to grab a cone covered in toppings. Something about a classic ice cream parlor setting makes the ice cream taste even better. We will surely be making quite a few trips there now that we think Winter might finally be over.


Roots Steakhouse - Oddly enough, this one made Lauren’s list, not for the steak, but for their Butter Cake! It’s one of those things you could eat all day every day without ever getting sick of it. Just the right amount of decadent with a warm berry compote. Since ordering just dessert can sometimes be frowned upon, she also loves the Express Lunch. Their Filet Slider and Lobster Bisque are both delicious as well as not too filling, leaving just enough room for the Butter Cake!


We always love to discover new places to eat, so please let us know if we missed any of your favorites! 

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