Meet our favorite houseplants!

This Winter has been going on for so long, we almost forget what the color green even looks like. What helps is having plenty of house plants! House plants offer countless benefits, including better air quality, better mood, and they’re nice to look at. We aren’t claiming to be experts by ANY means, but we have a few that we are glad to say are still alive. Here are a few of our favorites. We hope you have as much luck with them as we have!

Rubber Tree - These are on almost every list of easy to care for houseplants. Find a spot with plenty of indirect light, and forget that it’s there. It likes to suck its soil dry between waterings. It’s a great plant for people who don’t have green thumbs. 


Watermelon Peperomia - We’ve had this guy in our office for about a year. He went through a rough patch, but we are glad to report that he is back on the mend! These can be a little more difficult, because they are very prone to over watering. But with proper watering and the right light, they are such an interesting addition to any space. 


Rhododendron - We were lucky enough to save a few clippings from a client’s rhododendron that needed to be removed when taking out an underground oil tank. These beautiful flowers are a hearty evergreen. We hope that our little clippings will grow some strong roots so they can be planted, at first in pots, but eventually they’ll live outside like the tree they came from. 

Peace lily - Also on the very easy to care for lists, these are pretty foolproof. We’ve had them in high light, low light, and everything in between. They can be a little dramatic when they’re thirsty, wilting and withering. But they’re back to themselves almost immediately after watering. And there's nothing better than seeing one of those little white flowers, proof of all the care and hard work!


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