Let’s prep our homes for the Holidays!

Halloween is just a few days away, the start of the Holiday Season! It will feel like we’re all sprinting toward the finish line very soon, so let’s set ourselves up for success now. If your home is going to be filled with guests and food, we’ve got you covered. Check out some of our favorite tips for preparing homes for the winter season.

1. Declutter

We all tend to underestimate how long it will actually take to clean our homes for the holidays. Sure, we may have the routine of dusting, vacuuming and mopping down to a science, but cleaning in prep for the Winter time is a totally different game. It’s important to make sure we will have enough space in homes for what the Holidays bring. Keep your kitchen counters clear so you’re ready to bake at a moments notice. Take stock of your snacks and coffee and make them easily accessible so guests are able to help themselves. And be sure to hide away some of your usual knickknacks to make room for decorations!

2. Entryway

Whether you enter from a grand front door or through the garage, first impressions matter. Make sure that wherever you greet your guests, they feel instantly welcomed. Most importantly, have a space ready for them to remove all their Winter layers. Have hooks to hang possibly wet coats and hats and a mat for soggy boots. This won’t just be beneficial to your guests either! It will help keep your home clean from salty foot prints being carried throughout the home. Speaking of, make sure you have salt and shovels accessible as well. Safety first!

3. Lighting

With the season change, so does our lighting. It gets dark out sooner, so we find ourselves more reliant on our homes lighting. Make sure to have additional lightbulbs at the ready in case the added use burns any out. Put out nightlights to help guide guests around the home if they’re spending the night. Candles are great for ambiance, but are also helpful in a black out during some treacherous weather (flashlights and batteries too). Don’t forget outside! Make sure your walkways are lit up so guests can easily navigate their way inside. The best way to do this is to go absolutely overboard on decorative light displays. They’ll never miss it!

4. Seating

There’s nothing better than having your home filled with loved ones during the Holidays. But there’s nothing worse than having your home filled with angry tired people with no place to sit! Plan out your events to know how many people you may have in every room at any one time. It’s crucial to make sure there is always enough seating for everyone, whether it be in the dining room, living room, or even in the kitchen if guest want to keep your company while you cook. 

5. Bathroom

Even the most polite guest will need to visit the powder room. Keep items they’ll need visible so they can easily help themselves like soap, toilet paper, and especially a plunger (just in case)! If your guests will be spending the night, be sure to have towels for them in case they need to shower.  Be sure to lay out a bath mat for safety. It is also a safe bet to assume they’ll come ill-prepared, so it can’t hurt to have spare toothbrushes, contacts cases or other easily forgotten items. 

6. Guest Room

For the guests that don’t leave by 9:00 PM, you’ll want to make sure there is enough space for everyone to sleep comfortably. If you’ll be having them stay on an air mattress, double check that it is in proper working order with no leaks. Always make sure you have enough clean sheets, extra blankets and pillows, and some space. People don’t like to feel like they’re intruding, so make sure they feel welcome. Give them a spot for their over night bags, a mirror to get themselves ready in privacy, and - most importantly - the wifi password!

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