How to Vacation Everyday

With Summer finally here, it’s time to take a well-deserved break. Those of us over here in NJ have the great benefit of being just a short drive away from the beach. However, sometimes dealing with that traffic can put a real damper on your trip. You know what’s much easier and nearly hassle free? Staying at home! Yes, it might not feel as luxurious or relaxing as a beachside resort, but we have some great ideas for how to make every day feel like vacation from the comfort of your very own home!

Being by the beach has something a little special to help you get in the vacation mood. The second you step out of your car, the fresh salt air hits you. Since the olfactory system is so strong, smelling a similar scent at home can transport you to the shore instantly. There are so many ways to recreate that scent for yourself – candles, diffusers, a sea salt body scrub, bath salts or bath bombs. Select a fragrance (or combination) that reminds you of your favorite parts of vacation. Is it the feeling of sand between your toes? Maybe a fruity cocktail? Or even just some freshly cleaned sheets!

Speaking of, there have been dozens of studies done about the science behind why we seem to sleep so much better while staying at a hotel. The short answer: white bedding. Not a plethora of pillows or fancy comforters. Just the basics, and all simple. Once the warmer months hit, try swapping out your cozy down duvet for a lightweight (and visually light) alternative. For ease of making the bed, keep the pillows to a minimum. Maybe just one decorative addition for some flair!

Surely, we’re all familiar with dated beach hotels filled with wall-to-wall wicker furniture. But with the surge of popularity in boho style, wicker furniture is making quite a comeback – though in much more subdued quantities. Natural elements are inherently relaxing. Wicker, light wood tones, textural fabrics can all give off the raw calming vibe we’re after in the Summer. So go ahead and replace a lamp, throw pillow, or side table. It won’t take much.

There’s nothing more natural than plants in the home. What they do for a room and for the psyche is unmatched by any other decor element. They literally bring life to a space. Sometimes that little bit of green can take your room from stale to serene. They have a delicate balance between energy and relaxation, which is exactly what you want out of a vacation. Find your newest addition to the family and give it a spot with just the right amount of light for it to thrive.

The bright beach sun can be hard to replicate at home. Artificial lighting just won’t cut it. Letting natural light in is exhilarating. Pull the drapes back, lift the blinds, even open the window! But don’t forget that you are at home, so don’t remove your window treatments entirely. Go for sheers instead of black out drapes to keep your privacy while letting light in. If you don’t get much natural light to begin with, mirrors can also be great for bouncing whatever light you have all over the room.

If all these tips still don’t quite make you feel like you’re at a beach retreat, take a step outside. Find moments throughout the day to utilize your own outdoor space. Take your coffee out on the patio. Sit in a hammock and listen to the birds. Or if you don’t have a space conducive to that, place a chair in front of your favorite window and enjoy the view. The biggest difference between being home and being on vacation is what we allow ourselves to do with our time. Give yourself the time to sit and do absolutely nothing. It could do us all some good to adopt this mentality at home. We promise you, it’ll be worth it!

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