How to up your curb appeal this Spring

In a time when people are hesitant to leave their own homes, making a strong argument to convince them to see yours is more critical than ever. Making a strong first impression is going to be the most effective way to do that. The front of your home is one of its biggest selling points, and you don’t want to miss out on prospective buyers because your home didn’t put its best foot forward. Since today’s buyers are doing a lot of research on homes before they venture out into the market in person, they’ll rely heavily on photos, the first of which is often the outside of the home. When your house has curb appeal, it invites them in to see more photos, and eventually come by for a visit, and ideally make an offer. Check out some of our tips to make sure your house is smiling!

Image by Rejuvenation

1. Front Door

The eye is drawn to the entrance of a home, especially when looking to buy. It’s literally the first step into thinking about what the inside of the home is like. A wood door with dentil molding shouts craftsman interior.  A grey door with lots of glass is perfectly contemporary. The front door should be reflective of what can be expected inside and should be presented proudly. So make sure to keep it clean of any dirt or debris, and trim away any plants that may make it difficult to find.  A fresh coat of paint is always a welcome change. And don’t forget about the doorbell or knocker! You should always have an inviting option for a guest to let you know they’ve arrived.

Image by McGee & Co

2. Welcome Mat

Like most items on this list, a welcome mat serves two major purposes. Yes, it’s important to give your guest a place to wipe off their shoes before entering your home. But it also is the first to say “welcome” to those guest. If you’re not looking to sell your home, you can find a mat that says a little something about yourself. We’re sure you’ve seen some funny ones online. If you are listing your home, something simple and inviting is the way to go. Take some cues from the season. Spring is the perfect time to add some color!

Image by Shades of Blue Interiors

3. Landscaping

The task of designing, installing, and maintaining a fully landscaped yard can seem like a daunting task. While that can sometimes be true, there are loads of low maintenance plants out there. Our suggestion would be to reach out to a local expert who would know what plants will work for your home as well as your lifestyle. Remember that the goal isn’t necessarily elaborate design and exotic plants, but rather a well maintained and inviting landscape. With spring right around the corner, you can even add a bit of extra life by including potted plants into your scene. Colorful flowers are always a nice companion to a freshly painted front door.  

Image by Barn Light

4. Siding

The main concern with siding is that it needs to look like its in good shape. Clients will be terrified by the thought of replacing an entire house worth of siding. So make sure any repairs that need to be made are completed. If the paint is looking rough or dated, consider an update in a fashion forward color. And sometimes, all that is needed to make the siding look brand new is a good cleaning with a power washer. Be sure that you don’t neglect the trim!

Image by Allison Ramsey Architects

5. Roof

One of the first questions buyers always have is “how old is the roof?” The fact of the matter is, no matter how nice your roof may look from the outside, you’re never going to stop hearing that question. However, you can at least make it less of an immediate worry by making sure its clear of any red flags. These include but are not limited to shingles that are missing or curling, areas that look patched in with a different colors or textures, moss or other plants growing on the roof, or any large tree branches hanging directly above the roof. It’s important to have any of these issues attended to by a professional, as the roof is your homes first line of defense. But if you’re lucky, your roof may just need a little upkeep to make it look brand new again.

Image by CLC Design

6. Walkway

A home’s walkway is an often-underutilized opportunity to show off the personality of the home. While the priority should be safe accessibility to the home, there’s no reason it can’t be more than that. There are countless ways you can accentuate your walkway. Consider using other building materials than the usual concrete, such as bricks, pavers, or stones. Maybe line the path with planter beds. Play with curves instead of straight lines to give a more organic look. Make sure that it works well with the architecture of the home, and above all else, is safe to walk on!

Image by Laurey W. Glenn

7. Front Porch

Nothing says “character” quite like a front porch. It’s the stuff homeownership dreams are made of – having a spot to sit and watch the world go by with a cup of coffee in hand. But that dream can be shattered by the sight of wood rot, crumbling foundations, leaky roofs, or loose handrails. Once you’ve made sure that all parts of your porch are sound, you’ll also want to make it inviting. Create a charming ambiance with plants, seating, color. Did you know the tradition of painting a porch ceiling blue was to ward off evil spirits and bring the home luck? Give it a try! Check out our blog post about homeownership traditions for more inspiration!

Image by Making it in the Mountains

8. Lights

Lighting needs to be a perfect balance of form and function. Most of the time a fixture is seen is during the day when it’s not in use, so it needs to be beautiful. But at night when you’re having food delivered, you need to make sure the lights can guide your pizza home. You’ll want something bright by the front door, enough light to navigate the walkway, and some ambient lighting to showcase the home’s style. Make sure the fixture’s design and finish coordinate with the architecture and colors of the home. If your existing lights are in good shape, you may even be able to paint them. Matte black has been very popular as of late. If you need advice in selecting new colors or fixtures, we’d be happy to help!

Image by Rejuvenation

9. Numbers

Arguably the most important part of the front of your home is the house numbers. Not only are these important to have when you have prospective buyers coming to see it, but especially for emergencies! You need to be sure your numbers are easy to find and easy to read. But there’s no rule against them looking stylish. Once you’ve selected a location on your home that makes the most sense, you can decide on design. There are so many clever options out there to make yours stand out. Emphasizing this little detail shows that you have real pride in your home.


10. Listing Sign

This final tip only applies if you’re selling your home. When selling, your realtor knows the importance of having a prominent “For Sale” sign where it can be visible to anyone passing by. It serves as both marketing and a homing beacon. We love our classic Weichert signs, a vibrant yellow on a simple white post. They’ll draw plenty of attention to your home without overshadowing it. But nothing feels better than taking it down once the home is sold. Let’s talk today about how we can get a sign in your front yard. It’ll be gone before you know it!

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