How to make your home cozier for Fall

Fall settles in faster than we think. Before we have time to pack up the beach toys and close up the pool, we find ourselves raking up leaves. Instead of desperately clinging to Summer, we’re ready to embrace all the fun Fall has to offer! Are you in the same boat, or do you need a little coaxing? We put together a list of fun ways to invite the season into your home. They’re sure to put you in the Fall mood!

1. Layering

As we start to layer on more of our own clothing, we should do the same for our homes. Nothing says cozy like a big pile of blankets and pillows. But to get the full effect, it’s not enough to just have quantity. The art in layering is balance. You want to be sure in your mix of cozy textiles you have plenty of different textures, visual and tactile. Plaids, velvets, and faux furs are just a few classic fall elements to add to your sofa-scape. 

2. Scents 

While you’re wrapped up in your knit blanket, you’ll need something to be sipping on, like a hot chocolate or hot apple cider, and let the aroma fill the space. Scents are another perfect Fall staple. Of course you can light a few candles, or maybe bake some cinnamon snickerdoodles! 

3. Color 

If you’re a little stumped on how to invite Fall colors in your home without it looking too much like Halloween (unless that’s your goal), our suggestion is to stick to your favorite colors, but select warmer and darker versions (deep plum or forest green). Sticking with neutrals and letting the texture of your space do all the work is another fun way to make a room feel warmer for the color season. Similarly, try going monochromatic with any Fall color and pump up the volume on the texture!

4. Bring the outdoors in 

Lastly, sprinkling a little bit of Fall’s nature in with your decor. Plop a few pumpkins on the counter. Put a wreath of colorful leaves on the door. You can even wrap garland around the banister - garland isn’t solely reserved for the winter holidays! Even including less “obvious” natural elements, like rattan or dried flowers, will give the perfect nod to our favorite season!

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