How to know if you're ready to sell your home

We all know that we’re in a sellers market. As soon as a property hits the market, buyers scramble to see it before it disappears. If you’re thinking of selling your home while demand is still high, that could be a great decision. But how do you know if it’s the right decision for you? We’ve put together a few things to consider before listing your home for sale!

What’s your motivation?

Though homeowners are mainly considering selling because of the hot seller’s market (according to research done by Rocket Homes Research), others are looking to relocate because of the rise in remote work. Also a consideration is the changing needs homeowners have for their homes since the pandemic hit. If you know your motivation for selling your home, it will greatly help you in all the steps moving forward.

A Realtor is a sellers best friend!

The second you start considering the sale of your home, the best thing you can do is get a professional in your corner! A trusted Realtor will be on your side throughout the entire process, from making sure your home is market-ready, to closing day, and everything in between. Plus, if you work with our team, the benefits don’t stop after closing!

Is your home at its best?

Even in a seller’s market, homes can still benefit from updates and renovations. Your goal as a seller is to attract the largest pool of buyers to your home. That will be a breeze if your home is well maintained and up to date. When buyers see water damage or dated bathrooms, they're really seeing dollar signs add up. Make their decision easy by presenting your home at its best. Talk to us to find out what your home needs!

Are you financially ready?

It’s crucial to have a firm understanding of your finances before listing your home. By selling, you may be able to use the equity you have to invest in a larger home, pay off debts, or start a new business. Be sure your expectations and reality meet by consulting with your Realtor and a financial expert.

Are you emotionally ready?

Saying goodbye to a home can be draining, not just on your energy, but on your emotions as well. It’s hard to have a neutral attitude to removing your family photos from the walls, hearing buyers critique your furniture selection, and handing the keys over to the new owners. This is a giant decision to make and should not be taken lightly. We are happy to talk you through any hesitations you may have.

Do you have a plan for after the sale?

The last thing you want is to sell your home and be left out on the curb. In today’s fast paced market, you are going to need a plan in place before you list. There are so many options at your fingertips. Many sellers are negotiating a "Use and Occupancy" clause into their contract, which essentially means you can rent your home from the new owner for a period of time while they search for your next one. Other options include renting, staying with family, or living at a second/vacation home in the mean time.

The good news is that by not having a home sale contingency, you’ll be putting yourself ahead of the competition when you’re on the buyer side. And remember, we’re here to guide you through that process as well!

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