How to Arrange Your Living Room

When we list a home, we always do some level of staging. This can range from bring in all new furniture to simply rearrange the existing items. One of the most common changes we make is rearranging the living room. The popularity of open concept homes has arguably made planning layouts more difficult. If you think your living room could use a refresh, we've put together a brief guide on how to arrange your living room to maximize its potential, whether you're selling or simply enjoying your home!

Float your furniture - People tend to think furniture floating in a room makes it feel smaller and inconvenient, so they push all the furniture to the perimeter or the room. Listen when we say that the opposite is shockingly true. Floating furniture can create more comfortable spaces with clearer walkways around it. Try rearranging your pieces around to see how the flow changes. You might be surprised.

Have a mix of seating - When planning seating, consider who will be enjoying the room and for what purposes. Will you be entertaining, watching movies, reading… All the activities benefit from different types of searing. There are sectionals on the market that could fill the world’s largest living rooms, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best option. Create a mix of group seating like sofas or sectionals with individual seating like chairs, chaises, or ottomans. Everyone will have a spot for every activity. 

Pick a focal point - Do you have a show stopping fireplace? Or a beautiful credenza? A personal piece of art? Even a TV can be a focal point. Once you’ve decided the item or feature you want to highlight, arranging the furniture towards it will define the room’s purpose - conversation area, media room, or relaxing lounge. 

Ground the room with a rug - Probably one of the simplest ways to define a space is with an area rug. However, we constantly see rugs that are too small for a room, making everything feel more cramped and out of place. As long as all the major pieces of furniture are completely or partially on the rug, your room will feel cohesive. When in doubt, go bigger. 

Pay attention to lighting - Lighting is so underutilized in today’s homes, especially new construction. Overhead lighting like recessed lights are convenient, but can be so harsh and uninviting. Incorporate different types of lighting like ambient, accent and task lighting. These will designate specific areas of the room and give you more options for how you want the space to feel. And remember to include natural light. Mirrors are a great way to heighten the amount of natural light your room might have. 


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