Good Home Habits for 2022

The most wonderful time of the year is soon going to be replaced with the tedious resolution season. We all start with the best of intentions and often hit a wall somewhere around week two, if we’re lucky. If you're hoping to get into some better home habits, this is how we suggest going about it. Don’t wait for the “we have guests coming over so we need to clean” excuse. Considering we don’t even know if that will be an option in the coming Winter months, we have to rely on ourselves to be motivated. The best path to success is to not bite off more than you can chew. Think of the tasks that seem the most daunting. Do yourself and your home a favor by getting ahead of tasks like these. Check out our ideas below!


Keep a no-shoes home. 

To keep your floors in tip-top shape, you want to minimize the amount of wear and tear. Wearing shoes in the home not only causes more friction than slippers or socks, but it also tracks in dirt and debris from the outside world all throughout your home. Keep your floors shining like new and help yourself out when it comes time to vacuum. You’ll notice you need to empty out the canister much less often!


Run the dishwasher every night. 

If your resolution is to start eating healthier or cooking more rather than ordering out, take this tip from professional chefs. Keep your workstation clean! Instead of letting dishes pile up in the sink or on the counter from a long night of meal prepping, stack those dishes in the dishwasher and run it every single night. You will actually save water opposed to washing them in the sink, even if it is just a few dishes. Plus you’ll save yourself a lot of time and annoyance later.


Keep your fridge clean and organized.

Another issue a lot of us face when it comes to eating healthy is having a hard time finding something to eat. If you keep your fridge organized where everything is accessible, you won’t kick yourself when you realize that those grapes you bought were forgotten in the back of the crisper drawer. Empty the fridge, take stock, and organize as regularly as you can.


Clean your shower while you’re in the shower. 

Soap scum is the bane of everyone's existence. The best way to tackle it is while it’s fresh. And the best time to do that is while you’re actually IN the shower. Spray on some cleaner when you first hop in and rinse it off once you’re done. Even squeegee the walls/doors. You’ll never have to scrub away scum in hard to reach areas ever again!

When you start the laundry, finish the laundry.

Nothing is more terrifying than a giant pile of laundry, dirty OR clean. It's so simple to put a load in and forget about it until we literally have no other options but to finish it. But the task seems impossible when you know it will take a full weekend dedicated to nothing else. The simplest fix to this is to follow through when you start. Keep the task managable and the fear associated with laundry will start to fade. It will become as simple as making your bed!


Make the bed every morning. 

Speaking might seem insignificant, but this one task will help set your intentions for the entire day. This is the space where you are meant to be your most relaxed. If you can manage to keep it inviting and tidy, you’ll always have something to look forward to at the end of the day. 


We hope these small changes to your daily routine will make your 2022 as smooth as possible!

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