Energy Saving Tips & Tricks

Even though Summer is one of, if not the most anticipated season of the year, it comes with its own unique challenges. Excessive heat and the corresponding high energy bills are the first to come to mind. We’ve put together a few tricks to help keep you cool, keep energy and water use low, and hopefully keep a little extra money in your pocket.

1. Maintenance of your appliances

One of the easiest ways to conserve energy is by investing in energy efficient appliances for your home, such as anything with the Energy Star label, or smart thermostats. But as appliances get a bit older, they need to work a little harder to get the job done. Instead of dropping thousands of dollars to buy the latest eco-friendly washing machine or refrigerator, have your handyman, plumber, or electrician come by to give your appliances a check-up/tune-up. Most importantly, you want to focus on the big guns like the water heater and air conditioner. Making sure they are regularly taken care of will assure them the longest life, while also saving energy.

2. Mindful Usage

It might sound obvious, but it can’t hurt to say…you can save energy by using less of it. Sometimes we need to hear how simple it could be. Habits like running the water while brushing our teeth can be the hardest ones to notice, and the hardest to break. Becoming more mindful of our actions can help us recognize where changes need to be made. Our suggestion is to remind yourself within your décor. Adding natural elements, like a jute rug, or green paint, can help keep the environment on the brain. The more reminders scattered throughout the home will make a lot of little changes add up, making a much bigger difference together.

3. Window Treatments

They aren’t just for looks! Window treatments serve a plethora of important purposes in the home. Privacy from the neighbors, keeping light out at bedtime, protection of furniture from fading, and yes, energy conservation. The sun brings a lot of heat with it, and when sunlight enters our homes, the temperature can rise. Having quality shades or curtains can keep excessive amounts of sunlight out to keep your home cooler (similarly, in the Winter, window treatments can help keep the heat in).Take this a step further and make sure you have windows that do a good job of keeping the hot summer air out and your nice air conditioned air in.

4. Landscaping

As you already know from our previous post, plants can have many different benefits. But did you know that they can help save you on your energy bills as well? Yes having low maintenance plant will need less watering, but they can do much more than that. Having larger plants closer to the home will keep those areas of the home more shaded, keeping a more consistent temperature inside. Like discussed above, light entering the home can drastically affect the temperature and cause you’re A/C to run more often. Plants can act like window treatments, just on the other side of the windows.

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