Don’t Forget Self-Care this Holiday Season!

Last month we talked about all the ways you can get ahead of the holiday madness by prepping your home. But arguably more important is taking care of ourselves. It can be easy to put our own self-care on the back burner while the rest of the metaphorical and non-metaphorical burners are filled with shopping, cleaning, hosting, and actual cooking. Do us a favor and take some time this season to take care of Y-O-U. Here are some of our recommendations!

Make Healthy Choices

This is probably the hardest time of the year to be eating healthily. It seems like every holiday is designed to have you binge eat, only to have your fridge filled with endless unhealthy leftovers. The unfortunate truth is that an excess of innutritious calories directly correlates to the dreaded holiday weight gain, which makes us feel lethargic, fatigued, and depressed. So instead of having another helping of stuffing, maybe go back for some more green beans instead. Stick with the white meat instead of the dark. And remember, you don’t have to cover the entire plate to have done Thanksgiving “right.” 

Be Active

The cold air often makes us want to do nothing other than stay inside under a blanket. But the cold hard truth is that now is the best time to exercise! Did you know that exercising in the colder temperatures actually burns more calories? So use that early morning sun shine to get in a quick jog around the block. You body will be grateful once the next family dinner comes around.

Enjoy the Sun

Speaking of the sun shine, we see so much less of it this time of year, which can weigh more on us than we realize. Seasonal depression is a thing because we as a species don’t like sitting in the dark for months on end. We need the sun for vitamins (and happiness). Since we have less opportunities, we’ll need to make our own. If your desk is by a window, make sure to roll up those blinds, and let the light in. Maybe take a short walk at lunch to get some sun on your face. Don’t wait until Spring to say hello to the sun again.

Stay Hydrated

Winter air is notoriously dry, which is going to affect nearly ever aspect of our bodies. Hair gets brittle, skin gets dry, lips get cracked, and it’s even harder to breath! First things first, drink your water! Just because it’s not 80 degrees outside doesn’t mean you can skip your eight cups a day. Staying hydrated will help with all these common winter ailments. But you can help them extra by keeping your hair, skin, and lips moisturized with lotions and conditioners. And don’t forget to plug in your humidifier! Keeping the air moist will prevent bloody noses, keep airways clear, and even make your plants happy!

Keep Warm

Being cold is the worst. Luckily, sweaters and blankets are the best! Bundling up is cozy, warm, and can also be super cute. Throw on a scarf, mittens, fluffy boots, and you’ll be the most stylish toasty person this Winter. Everyone will want to snuggle you!

Indulge Every Now and Then

There’s no need to go “cold turkey” on the good stuff this holiday season. Try to be your best on the days around the holidays, but remember that they only come once a year. Having a cup of hot chocolate after dinner on a Tuesday isn’t going to kill you. Have a slice of pie, or the whole pie! You deserve it….or share it. After all, isn’t that what the season is all about? 

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