Classic Homeownership Tips from Dad

Dads always have something to say, whether it's a story, an opinion or advice. And believe it or not, sometimes it can actually be helpful! In honor of Father’s Day, we’ve put together some of our favorite fatherly advice, straight from our own dads! From financial to mechanical, they cover just about everything you need to know to be a successful homeowner.

Donna’s Dad

Donna is very lucky to have a dad like hers. Any questions you might need an answer to - call dad. For everything…literally everything. Somehow he has learned absolutely everything there is to know about everything, and he is always happy to help however he can. But he won’t say no to a sandwich as payment. If we’ve learned anything from him, it’s that you’re never too old to ask for help, whether it’s from dad or someone else. 

If you can believe it, both of Donna’s parents are also in fields relating to homes. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Dad’s expertise lies in all things stone - marble, quarts, granite, you name it. Of course that means knowing how to protect the stone in your home was not optional for his kids. First, determine the type of stones you have, whether it be countertops, floors, or fireplace surrounds, and make sure you are caring for them properly. This will give them the longest and most beautiful life for you to enjoy!

Eric’s Dad

You haven’t met a pro when it comes to saving until you’ve met Eric’s dad! While his saving advice is useful for nearly everything, it comes especially in handy for household items. We spend a lot of money making a house run smoothly - from toiletries to gas bills. But knowing where to splurge and where to save can be difficult. 

Break down the items and services you need/want for your home. Some are going to be necessities and some will be just for fun. In both columns, you’ll find things you feel more passionately about than others. You may have very strong feelings about the kind of toilet paper you use, but you can deal with buying store brand bubble bath. Splurge only where it makes sense to splurge, and save everywhere else.
 Enjoying the things you splurge on will tast that much sweeter!

Lauren’s Dad

He might be an engineer and one of the smartest guys around, but Lauren’s dad is definitely not a handyman. In fact, Lauren had to do most of the household fixes as a kid. But he still has plenty he wanted to share. Since he was never the best at maintaining the mechanics around the house, he made sure to hire the right people for the job. But it’s important to remember to do this regularly. Cleaning your ducts and having the AC serviced in the Spring will set you up for a smooth Summer. Getting your heating system a tune up can make sure you stay warm all Winter. 


Dad’s expertise is more in finances than fixing things. So he always suggests a thorough budget and sticking to it! Keep a spreadsheet of your monthly expenses, such as utilities, insurance, and mortgage. Then flesh it out with non house related expenses such as car payments, groceries, etc. This way you always know where you stand financially. Finally, saving money each month can keep you comfortable in the off chance you need to make some repairs or if you need to buy an emergency hot tub.


Does your dad have some must-know homeownership tips? We’re always down to learn more ways to take care of our homes. 


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