Checklist for Selling Your House This Spring

Our goal for every home we sell is to make buyers want to spring into action. After the long stressful Winter, buyers look for a home that feels well cared for and easy to picture themselves in. This can mean a fresh neutral coat of paint, minimal clutter and personal belongings, or even a welcoming front door. Check out this list of simple tasks you should be doing if you're going to sell this Spring. 

Make it inviting - After living in a house for a ten years or even one, people have attached themselves to their home. But the goal is to have as many buyers as possible interested in your home. That can be acheived by removing the personal from the equation. Get a head start on packing away the family photos. Turn that play room back into an office. Take down those heavy draperies and replace them with something that lets in more natural light. The more inviting a home feels, the more people will be eager to come see it!

Show it's cared for - The last thing buyers want is to have to fix things when they move in. Yes, some things might be unavoidable, but winnowing down their potential to-do list before hand will help your home sell. A nice deep clean before starting showings is a great way to make a home feel brand new. Even the high traffic touch points or pathways can leave scuffs and grime which make a home feel old and ignored. Pay attention to the details!

Boost curb appeal - Spring is a great time to sell a home because everything is coming back to life, plants, animals, and the houseing market. Making sure the outside of your home is in tip-top shape is crucial. Buyers might take a drive past your home before sheduling a showing, so first impressions really do matter! Make sure it's clean, manicured, and welcoming!

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