2024 Colors of the year…so far

You can always count on us to keep you up-to-date on the latest trends! Did you know that some of the 2024 Colors of the Year have already been announced? Of course, the big one - Pantone - won't be revealing their choice until the end of 2023, but these early releases give us a good idea of the upcoming style trends we'll see across all fields of design. Get your sneak-peek here!

2024 Colors of the year…so far:

Sherwin-Williams - Persimmon

Behr - Cracked Pepper

Valspar - Renew Blue

Glidden - Limitless

Dutch Boy - Ironside

Minwax - Bay Blue


These colors are definitely highlighting the resurgence of coastal color palettes, and the continued sway from cool to warm. Notice that even the neutrals are on the bolder side. Black is finding itself at home in more and more houses, not being perceived as a “moody” choice anymore. You could almost call it mainstream! Greens and yellows are still on the rise, being used as neutrals often in kitchens and bathrooms. But Blue will never go out of style. It’s a calming color that just about everyone loves. It can be classic or modern, cool or warm, bold or refined. Lately it's been swaying to the warmer side, but we promise there is always a blue for you!

We aren’t advising you go ahead and repaint your whole house tomorrow. But knowing about these color trends early on can help foresee the future. Homes might have an easier time being sold if they are painted colors that will work well within this palette. All design fields use these insights when creating new lines, so you’ll see them in fashion, furniture, home decor, and a plethora of other areas. Whether you’re looking to sell or not, keeping these colors in mind when making renovations will keep your home ahead of the curve!


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