2022 Halloween Decoration Trends

If you haven’t already, it’s time to dust off your halloween decorations and get them up! Although, some dust and cobwebs might add to the aesthetic, Halloween decor, like any other holiday changes yearly. Here are a few new trends we’re seeing in stores and on our neighbors doors steps this year! Have you indulged in any yourselves?

Hocus Pocus has made a major come-back this year with the unveiling of the long awaited sequel. Odds are, you or someone you know will be part of a group costume this year - the Sanderson Sisters. But their classic witchy vibe is all the rage. Cauldrons, cloaks, spell books, creepy ingredients. By turning your home into the old Sanderson house, you’ll have the scariest house on the street.

Those regular old skeletons are finally getting some animal companions. Animal skeletons characters (fake of course), are a fun and silly option for those going for a more lighthearted spooky scene. They are also great for small spaces, like townhomes or apartments where a giant inflatable character isn’t an option.

Speaking of giant, we’ve all seen the giant 12’ tall skeletons that became popular during the pandemic. Having one was like having an exclusive designer handbag. If you had one, you know you had made it! Luckily they have become more available, and with that, we are seeing lots of creativity with them. 

Those of us who aren’t big fans of the scary side of the holiday have decided that we should be able to decorate too. Instead of creepy skulls that shout when you pass by or bats that drop from the ceiling, elegant-spooky has found a home in our homes. The dark moody colors, candle light, and rich textures make for a haunting aesthetic. Just because you won’t be curing up to watch a horror flick doesn’t mean a velvet chair, a roaring fire, and a cup of hot chocolate doesn’t scream Halloween!

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